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Americana in the Folk Tradition - Painting by Edward Hicks,  The Peaceable Kingdom

David A. Schorsch and Eileen M. Smiles are dealers, consultants and brokers who specialize in the finest examples of American antiques from the 17th, 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries, single items or entire estates and collections. Their interest and expertise covers a variety of categories, both formal and country in style.

Americana in the Formal Tradition - Queen Anne dressing table

In the realm of late seventeenth, eighteenth, and early nineteenth century furniture, we specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment important examples from all the major cabinetmaking centers, such as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Newport & Providence, Rhode Island, New York, New York, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Boston and Salem, Massachusetts, Charleston, South Carolina, Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland, and Williamsburg, Virginia.. We are also interested in examples of vernacular furniture made in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, including the Shenandoah Valley, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.

Americana Antique Cabinetmakers

We specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment for sale fine examples by well-known cabinetmakers such as:

John Shaw
John Shearer
John Gaines
Thomas Affleck
Benjamin Randolph
James Gillingham
William Savery
Joseph Barry
Samuel Harding
Henry Clifton
Bernard and Jugiez
The Garvan carver
Judkins and Senter
Robert Harrold
Richard Walker
John Chipman
Ebenezer Harthshorne
William Lloyd
Nehemiah Adams
John Goddard

William Buttre
Samuel Clement
Duncan Phyfe
Michael Allison
Charles-Honore Lannuier
William Whitehead
Benjamin Burnham
Eliphalet Chapin
Aaron Chapin
Brewster Dayton
Samuel Loomis
Mills and Deming
Alden Spooner
Levin Tarr
Elijah and Jacob Sanderson
Daniel Goddard
Townsend - Goddard School
Job Townsend
Christopher Townsend
John Townsend

Matthew Egerton
Samuel Fiske
William Fiske
Ebenezer Martin
Jacob Forster
Nathaniel Gould
Benjamin Frothingham
Joseph Davis
Samuel Gragg
John Seymour
Thomas Seymour
Samuel McIntyre
Thomas Needham
John Carlyle
Joseph Rawson
Henry Rust
Edmund Townsend
John Cogswell
John Dunlap
Samuel Dunlap

Americana in the Folk Tradition - Windsor Braced Fan Back ChairWe specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment fine examples of American Windsor chairs, by unknown makers and signed examples by makers including Thomas Gilpin, Joseph Henzey, John Lambert, Walter Macbride, William Seaver, James Frost, Ebenezer Tracy, Stephen Tracy, Francis Trumble, Amos Dennison Allen, Samuel J. Tucke, James Chapman Tuttle, John Always, James Always, Thomas Ash, James Bertine, Charles Chase, David Coutong, John DeWitt, William Harris, Jr., John Lechtworth, John Sprosen, Michael Stoner, John Wadsworth. Top prices paid for Windsor chairs in old or original paint finishes.

Americana in the Folk Tradition - painte decorated furniture and boxesWe specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment examples of American paint-decorated furniture and boxes from the southern states, mid-Atlantic region and New England states and pieces decorated by George Robert Lawton, Thomas Matteson, Moses Eaton Jr.. Examples of school girl decorated furniture and boxes, grain-painted, smoke-decorated, floral painted, scenic painted and other types of paint-decorated furniture of highest quality and best condition are eagerly sought.


Americana in the Folk Tradition - SculptureWe specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment examples of American folk art sculpture such as weathervanes in metal or wood, carved wooden trade figures such as cigar store Indians, trade signs, tavern signs and other three dimensional works, especially any that retain original surfaces, and carved figures by Wilhelm Schimmel. Of particular interest are weathervanes made by unknown makers and known makers such as Mott, Fiske, Cushing and White, Jewell, Washburne, Westervelt, Jones, and J. Howard, and others that are handmade one-of-a-kind carvings. Carved and painted wooden figures including those made for carousels and shops in old or original paint by makers such as Dentzel, Robb, Brooks, Bellamy, Dowler, Melchers, Campbell, Cromwell, Rush and Edmondson.

Americana in the Folk Tradition - Pennsylvania Germanic Spitler CupboardWe specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment fine examples of Pennsylvania and Southern Germanic and Anglo American folk art, including:

  • Paint decorated boxes such as examples of the Bucher type, Jonas Weber, Joseph Long Lehn, John Drissel, The Compass Decorator.
  • Dower chests by Johannes Spitler and others, painted or walnut furniture, Chester County vine-and-berry inlaid furniture, spice cabinets, Mahantongo valley furniture.
  • Ironwork including pieces by Peter Derr and John Long
  • Painted tinware, including pieces attributed to the Filley Tinshops.
  • Pottery by makers such as Solomon Grimm, Conrad Mumbouer, Philip Mumbouer, Conrad Kolb Ranninger, William Mills, George Hubener, David Spinner, Andrew Headman, John Dry, John Monday, John Neis, John Leidy, Daniel Henne, John Bell, Samuel Bell, Solomon Bell, Anthony W. Baecher, Rudolph Christ, The Bell pottery.
  • Textiles such as show towels, samplers and Baltimore album quilts
  • Ephrata Cloister objects, and fraktur (illuminated manuscripts) by such notable artists as Johannes Bard, Heinrich Engelhard, Johann Otto, Johannes Ernest Spangenberg also known as The Easton Bible Artist, David Cordier, Johann Adam Eyer, Johann Frederich Eyer, Christian Strenge, John Conrad Gilbert, John Zinck, Henry Young, John Van Minian, David Kriebel, Sarah Kriebel, other members of the Kriebel family, David Kulp, Heinrich Seiler, Jacob Fleischer, Karl Munch, William A. Faber, The Washington Sussell Artist, Samuel Musselman, John Landis, Frederich Krebs, Christian Mertel also known as the C.M. artist, Ehre Vater Artist, Arnold Hovelman, Susanna Huebner, Abraham Huth, Durs Rudy, Sr., and Durs Rudy Jr., Johannes Whisler, Jacob Strickler, The Stony Creek Artist, Peter Bernhart, Jacob Gottschall, Samuel Gottschall, Samuel Bentz also known as The Mount Pleasant Artist, Francis Portzline, Daniel Otto, The Schwenkfelders, and other important examples of Pennsylvania watercolor drawings.

WANTED: Miniature and toy woodenwareWANTED: Miniature and toy woodenware made in Hingham, Massachusetts by members of the Hersey family and others. Forms wanted include nests of oval and round boxes, dippers, churns, pails, firkins, and doll house sized furniture. A premium will be paid for examples in original paint, and signed, labeled, or stamped pieces: Bela F. Hersey (B.F.HERSEY), Caleb S. Hersey (C. S. Hersey), Edward L. Hersey (E.L.H.), Samuel Hersey (S. Hersey or printed paper label), Cotton Hersey (C.H. and COTTON HERSEY HINGHAM).

We seek all sizes of daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tin types, and other early forms of photography depicting American folk art.WANTED: Fine examples of nineteenth century American photographs depicting American folk art, including folk paintings, portraits, landscapes, and other two dimensional works of art, sculpture such as cigar store Indians and other trade figures, weathervanes and early furniture. We seek all sizes of daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tin types, and other early forms of photography depicting American folk art. A premium will be paid for tinted examples and noteworthy images that portray desirable and classic subjects by identifiable and unidentified folk artists. We will purchase single images or entire collections.

Americana in the Folk Tradition - Paintings

We specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment American folk art paintings of the highest quality including portraits, landscapes, ship paintings, still-life and theorems. Artists such as:

John Durand
Emily Eastman
Jacob Maentel
Joseph Whiting Stock
Mrs. Moses B. Russell
William Murray
Deborah Goldsmith
The Carver Limner
A. Ellis
Ruth W. Shute
Samuel A. Shute
Joseph H. Davis
Jane Anthony Davis
J. Evans
Erastus Salisbury Field
Winthrop Chandler
Joseph Goodhue Chandler
Ammi Phillips
J. Brown
Noah North
Abraham Parsell
Edwin Plummer
Edward Beyer
Asahel Powers
Mr. Willson
Micah Williams

The Reading Artist
The Puffy Sleeve Artist
Mary B. Tucker
Justus DaLee
Members of the DaLee Family
Henry Walton
Deacon Robert Peckham
Sheldon Peck
Rufus Hathaway
Edward Hicks
Ferdinand A. Brader
Paul Seifert
Charles Hoffman
John Rasmussen
John and/or James Bard
Milton W. Hopkins
Carl Hambuch
The Beardsley Limner
G. Gustemer
William Matthew Prior
Sturtevant Hamblin
Emma Jane Cady
Joseph H. Hidley
Anna Mary Robertson “Grandma Moses”
Pieter Vanderlyn
Jonathan Fisher

Fritz G. Vogt
Thomas Chambers
Rufus Porter
John James Trumbull Arnold
Luscious Barnes
Jonathan Adams Bartlett
William T. Bartoll
Ruth Henshaw Bascom
Zedekiah Belknap
J. Bradley
John Brewster Jr.
Samuel Broadbent
James Sanford Ellsworth
Ruby Devol Fitch
Aaron Dean Fletcher
James H. Gillespie
Ira C. Goodell
William Jennys
Joshua Johnson
Samuel Jordan
William W. Kennedy
Alexander Boudrou
Eunice Pinney
Lewis Miller
Bill Traylor
Horace Pippin

Americana in the Folk Tradition - Shaker furniture, accessories, textiles & boxesWe specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment superior examples of Shaker furniture, accessories, textiles and boxes, especially those in old finish or original paint from New Lebanon, New York, Enfield, Connecticut, Watervleit, New York, Enfield, New Hampshire, Hancock, Massachusetts, Canterbury, New Hampshire, Harvard, Massachusetts, Alfred, Maine, Sabbathday Lake, Maine, Shirley, Massachusetts.By makers such as David Rowley, Daniel Crossman, Freegift Wells, Isaac Newton Youngs, Benjamin Youngs, Joseph Johnson, Benjamin Lyon, Anthony Brewster, Amos Stewart, Thomas Hammond, Jr., Abner Allen, Grove Wright, Orren N. Haskins, George O Donnel, Samuel Humphrey Turner, Giles Bushnell Avery, Alfred Collier, Elijah Myrick, Thomas Damon, Eli Kidder, Henry Clay Blinn, Henry Green, James X. Smith, James V. Calver. We specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment Shaker watercolors, spirit drawings, and heart gifts or maps by such artists as Polly Ann Jane Reed , Hannah Cohoon, Joshua Bussell, rugs by Elvira C. Hulett, and other makers and artists.

Americana in the Folk Tradition - Preening Eider duck decoy sculptureWe specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment classic examples of waterfowl decoys, such as shore birds, geese, ducks, herons, egrets, swans, etc., from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Michigan, and Illinois by unidentified makers and well-known makers such as:

Gus Wilson
George Huey
Os Bibber
George Boyd
Fred Nichols
Thomas Willson
Elmer Crowell
Charles Hart
Keyes Chadwick
Frank Richardson
Lothrop Holmes
Joseph Lincoln
Gardiner and Dexter
Shang Wheeler
William Southard

Albert Laing
William Bowman
Thomas Gelston
John Dilley
Obadiah Verity
Members of the Verity family
Frank Kellum
Daniel DeMott
Daniel Leeds
Harry V. Shourds
Nathan R. Horner
John Blair
Daniel English
John English
John Dawson

James Holly
Ward Brothers
Lloyd Sterling
Ira Hudson
Nathan Cobb
Lem and Lee Dudley
Hucks Caines
John Wells
George Warin
John Tax
Charles Schoenheider
Charles Clark
Morris Eaton
John Schweikart
William McClellan

We specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment exceptional examples of American clocks in a variety of shapes and sizes and periods, from Queen Anne to Federal periods, and ranging from tall-case or grandfather clocks, to lighthouse, banjo, shelf and grandmother-sized clocks by makers such as:

Americana in the Formal Tradition - Bridal patent timepieceJoshua Wilder
Reuben Tower
Simon Willard
Aaron Willard
Benjamin Willard
David Rittenhouse
Daniel Balch
David Wood
Daniel Burnap
Timothy Chandler
Abel Hutchins
Levi Hutchins
William Clagett
James Cole

Lemuel Curtis
Curtis and Dunning
Nathaniel Dominy
James Doull
Edward Duffield
Effingham Embree
Isaac Gere
Jacob Godshalk
Thomas Harland
Silas Hoadley
Daniel Hubbard
Silas Merriman
Issac Newton Youngs
Benjamin Youngs

Thomas Stretch
Elnathan Taber
Eli Terry
Reuben Tower
Riley Whiting
David Williams
Joseph Wills
Benjamin Morrill
Jonathan Mulliken
Nathaniel Munroe
Thomas Pearsall
Noah Ranlet
Walter Cornell
William Cummens

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