We specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment classic examples of waterfowl decoys, such as shore birds, geese, ducks, herons, egrets, swans, etc., from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Michigan, and Illinois by unidentified makers and well-known makers such as:

Gus Wilson
George Huey
Os Bibber
George Boyd
Fred Nichols
Thomas Willson
Elmer Crowell
Charles Hart
Keyes Chadwick
Frank Richardson
Lothrop Holmes
Joseph Lincoln
Gardiner and Dexter
Shang Wheeler
William Southard
Albert Laing
William Bowman
Thomas Gelston
John Dilley
Obadiah Verity
Members of the Verity family
Frank Kellum
Daniel DeMott
Daniel Leeds
Harry V. Shourds
Nathan R. Horner
John Blair
Daniel English
John English
John Dawson
James Holly
Ward Brothers
Lloyd Sterling
Ira Hudson
Nathan Cobb
Lem and Lee Dudley
Hucks Caines
John Wells
George Warin
John Tax
Charles Schoenheider
Charles Clark
Morris Eaton
John Schweikart
William McClellan

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