JOHANNES BARD (1797-1861)

Landscape with Brick Building, Hunter, Dogs and Bird
Union Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania, circa 1810-1819
Watercolor and ink on paper, 7 ½ x 10 inches, in a period painted frame

This was part of a well-known set of drawings and fraktur exercises made and kept by Johannes Bard that he bound together as a book in 1819. The distinctive orange-red color of the structure appears to match the hue of a brick church in a watercolor from the same set illustrated and discussed in Lisa Minardi, Drawn with Spirit: Pennsylvania German Fraktur from the Collection of Joan and Victor Johnson (Philadelphia, 2015), cat 175, pages 206, 214 and 239. The fanciful building depicted in this watercolor may represent the Kreutz Kirche (Holy Cross Church) founded in 1747 near Littlestown in what is now Union Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania, which Bard attended in his youth.

Johannes Bard to his daughter Mary Ann Bard-Ritasse (1830-1879), then by descent in the Ritasse family, Littlestown, PA, and Tanneytown, MD.

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