Lion Clutching a Ball

Possibly Pennsylvania, circa 1840-1860
Stone, 2 ¾ x 4 ¾ x 2 inches

This diminutive masterpiece depicts a recumbent lion facing forward on a rectangular platform. His sweet disposition is expressed in his singularly adorable face. He is endearingly clutching a treasured ball between his front paws. This is one of the great lion sculptures in American Folk Sculpture. It was a much loved treasure in the personal collections of two great dealers in American Folk Art, the Midwesterner David Pottinger and the New Yorker Marna Anderson, united in their shared admiration of this figure.

Collection of David Pottinger, Honeyville, IN, 1981; Collection of Marna Anderson, New Paltz, NY; “American Folk Art, Decorative Arts & Furniture: The Collection of Marna Anderson,” Skinner, Bolton, MA, March 21, 1998, lot 48; Collection of Fredrick Siegmund and Joanne Siegmund, New York and Bantam, CT

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