We assist institutions and collectors of all levels in the buying and selling of individual objects and in the building and refining of both new and established collections. 

Each antique sold by David A. Schorsch and Eileen M. Smiles is accompanied by a comprehensive invoice identifying the name of the artist, maker, or school, if known, the place of origin, approximate date of manufacture, and materials used, such as primary and secondary woods, along with a description of physical condition, noting any repairs or restorations, and provenance, codified by our guarantee of authenticity

We provide auction advice, representation, and bidding services as well as the following:

  • Purchase or consignment of important American antiques
  • Assessments of the strengths and range of your collection as well as gaps and opportunities for growth
  • Expert advice on acquisition and deaccession as appropriate
  • In-depth inventories of your collection and scholarly descriptions of single or multiple items
  • Auction advice, representation and bidding
  • Organization of exhibition loans
  • Advice on storage, conservation, display, and exhibition of items in your collection
  • Assistance in art transportation

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