We specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment superior examples of Shaker furniture, accessories, textiles and boxes, especially those in old finish or original paint from New Lebanon, New York, Enfield, Connecticut, Watervleit, New York, Enfield, New Hampshire, Hancock, Massachusetts, Canterbury, New Hampshire, Harvard, Massachusetts, Alfred, Maine, Sabbathday Lake, Maine, Shirley, Massachusetts.By makers such as David Rowley, Daniel Crossman, Freegift Wells, Isaac Newton Youngs, Benjamin Youngs, Joseph Johnson, Benjamin Lyon, Anthony Brewster, Amos Stewart, Thomas Hammond, Jr., Abner Allen, Grove Wright, Orren N. Haskins, George O Donnel, Samuel Humphrey Turner, Giles Bushnell Avery, Alfred Collier, Elijah Myrick, Thomas Damon, Eli Kidder, Henry Clay Blinn, Henry Green, James X. Smith, James V. Calver. We specialize in and seek to acquire or take on consignment Shaker watercolors, spirit drawings, and heart gifts or maps by such artists as Polly Ann Jane Reed , Hannah Cohoon, Joshua Bussell, rugs by Elvira C. Hulett, and other makers and artists.

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